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Compete in the Virtual Race Across Texas.
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Do you know who coined the notorious battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” or when Texans first dared Santa Anna’s Mexican army to “Come and take it”? If so, you just may have what it takes to win TSHA’s Virtual Race Across Texas.


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The Virtual Race Across Texas is free to play. The game is a great way to challenge your friends to see if they can outwit them with your knowledge of all things Texan. Every day you’ll visit a new Texas destination (without leaving your chair) and answer questions to prove your Texas history aptitude. If you get stuck, don’t worry—we’ll have plenty of resources available to help you out. The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you earn, and the better chance you have to win one of our great prizes. You can rack up points even faster by recruiting your friends, and by being or becoming a TSHA member.
Created by TSHA (Texas State Historical Association) to celebrate Texas history, this online social game to foster your love of Texas history as you virtually travel across Texas, testing your knowledge of the Lone Star State along the way.